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Thank you for choosing Inkwell Edits for your editing needs. It’s my belief that a written work of art should reflect the essence of the writer in a way that is clear, descriptive and error free. Below you will find a price list of my services.


Copy Editing / Line Editing ($.01 per word)

Focuses mainly on checking for correct grammar, spelling, style and punctuation.  It will also cover syntax, word choice, and readability.

Developmental Editing ($.02 per word)

Designed to give a deeper level of editing, this type will cover everything in copy editing as well as covering flow, clarity, structure, voice and tone.

Proofreading ($.009)

After editing has already been completed, then the material is ready for proofreading. Proofreading looks for any minor text and formatting errors that may have been missed during the initial editing process.

Articles ($30 per page)

Articles will be fully edited for spelling, grammar, style and punctuation.

Fact-Checking ($10 per fact)

Use various sources to fact- check content for misinformation in non-fiction.  For fiction works the fact-checking would look into the historical plausibility of an occurrence.


Book Blurb ($50)

A short, yet compelling description of the book will be written for promotional purposes, this is usually found on the back cover.

Book Reviews ($25)

Two, 200 to 250-word descriptive reviews will be written based on the content of the project that allows the potential reader to get a feel for the work.

Articles (.08 per word)

This includes editing

***Additional fees may apply for interviewing.


Book Coaching

Free 15min. call

30 min session ($25 each)

Ghost Writing

(contact for information)


5 + 10 =