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";s:4:"text";s:5799:"How to use imprudent in a sentence. 1‘the banks were imprudent in making the loans’. écervelé; étourdi ... Les synonymes du mot imprudent présentés sur ce site sont édités par l’équipe éditoriale de synonymo.fr. Imprudent definition, not prudent; lacking discretion; incautious; rash. He made some ill-considered remarks about the cost. Injudicious, unwise, indiscreet. More 900 Imprudent synonyms. What is the definition of imprudent? Put them to good use on this quiz about curious state monikers and the facts around them. What is it? Dictionary.com Unabridged She said his remarks had been ill-advised. He is charged with causing death by reckless driving. 10 Types Of Nouns Used In The English Language. Whether you're in search of a crossword puzzle, a detailed guide to tying knots, or tips on writing the perfect college essay, Harper Reference has you covered for all your study needs. Here Are Our Top English Tips, The Best Articles To Improve Your English Language Usage, The Most Common English Language Questions. Did Trump call US war dead “losers” and “suckers”? Office workers are notoriously careless about their passwords. New from Collins Quick word challenge. Mississippi’s nickname comes from the magnificent trees that grow there. Why Do “Left” And “Right” Mean Liberal And Conservative? With almost too much heartiness I hastily agreed it would be imprudent. He had to be restrained from foolhardy action. John Turnbull Angus went back to the lady at the shop, with whom that imprudent young man contrives to be extremely comfortable. Did you ever collect all those state quarters? It would be foolish to raise hopes unnecessarily. Injudicious remarks by bankers were blamed for the devaluation. How do you use imprudent in a sentence? Full list of synonyms for Imprudent is here. Don't do anything rash until the feelings subside. The controversy, explained. Enter the answer length or the answer pattern to get better results. © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020, Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition Explore 'imprudent' in the dictionary ... Thesaurus for imprudent from the Collins English Thesaurus. The Crossword Solver finds answers to American-style crosswords, British-style crosswords, general knowledge crosswords and cryptic crossword puzzles. an imprudent investment he made many years ago. Who Is The “Jack” In The Term “Jack-o’-lantern,” Anyway? Synonyme > Imprudent. Retrouver la définition du mot imprudent avec le Larousse. Are You Learning English? done or acting with insufficient attention. “Affect” vs. “Effect”: Use The Correct Word Every Time. Imprudent synonyms and Imprudent antonyms. See more. Synonyms for imprudent include unwise, ill-advised, careless, foolish, injudicious, irresponsible, rash, reckless, foolhardy and ill-considered. ‘the banks were imprudent in making the loans’, , ill-judged, ill-conceived, impolitic, misguided, ill-advised, , unthinking, improvident, irresponsible, short-sighted, foolish, careless, hasty, overhasty, rash, reckless, heedless, foolhardy, These Foreign Words And Phrases Are Now Used In English. Définition imprudent. Question: 1 - Score: 0 / 5. made or maid? Drag the correct answer into the box. not prudent; rash, heedless, or indiscreet. What are another words for Imprudent? We look at some of the ways in which the language is changing. What are synonyms for imprudent? Imprudent definition is - not prudent : lacking discretion, wisdom, or good judgment. Which of the following is a type of monkey or ape? Family troubles—money losses, you understand: and then his father made an imprudent marriage. I am accused already of being romantic and imprudent, yet I would urge it on my father if I saw them desirous to hasten it. Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012. not prudent; lacking discretion; incautious; rash. She scattered the letters about in her heedless haste. Can there be any doubt that it is imprudent to kill alleged traitors without even bothering to convict them? “Democracy” vs. “Republic”: Is There A Difference? In case you think I was incautious, take a look at the map. Top synonym for imprudent (another word for imprudent) is reckless. 1 2 3. “Epidemic” vs. “Pandemic” vs. “Endemic”: What Do These Terms Mean? Critics judged his comments ill-judged and offensive. Read our series of blogs to find out more. Ok Synonymes de imprudent. Synonyms of 'imprudent' imprudent. the book to my brother for a couple of weeks. Quiz Review. Copyright © 2016 by HarperCollins Publishers. What Is The Difference Between “It’s” And “Its”? He is notoriously indiscreet about his private life. Click the answer to find similar crossword clues. the month of mist : the second month of the French revolutionary calendar , extending from Oct 23 to Nov 21, Study guides for every stage of your learning journey. Create an account and sign in to access this FREE content. What is the meaning of imprudent? All rights reserved. There are many diverse influences on the way that English is used across the world today. imprudent | definition: lacking wise self-restraint | synonyms: indiscreet| antonyms: discreet, thrifty Should the Hauhau be so imprudent as to answer "Yes," Titoko would lift his potato-kit and set it on his rival's head. It would be irresponsible to accept unrealistic targets. Trouver le synonyme de. Does English Have More Words Than Any Other Language? The Crossword Solver found 67 answers to the imprudent crossword clue. Marine One’s crew was saying that bad visibility could make it imprudent to chopper to the cemetery. 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