With the immense amount of stereotypes, pressures and innuendos being perpetrated by media and cultural relativism in this day in age it is admittedly hard for even someone as head- strong as myself to feel comfortable in their own skin. The way a person thinks, dresses and behaves can all be influenced by the very world we live in. So how then, does one find truth and balance in a world where almost anything goes and the line between right and wrong is almost invisible?

Is it ok to identify with whatever the going fad is for the moment— and let’s face it some things that are going on in today’s world are just plain old cooky, or do we dig deep into what is true? And if we decide to search for truth, where then do we find such a thing? John 17:17 says that we can be sanctified in truth by God’s word and one amazing truth is that mankind was created in His image—yes both male and female! (Gen 1:27)

Figuring out who God has created you to be and then keeping it real no matter what “he says” or “she says” is part of the journey of life. God made us all unique, each of us having many purposes and for us to try to fit that into someone else’s commonality would result in an outright lie. The only precept we should be centering our life around is the word of God. We have to strive to become more and more like Jesus everyday, allowing Father God to make us and mold us into who He intended us to be.

Choosing to be the truest version of ourselves is a part of our responsibility to worship God in spirit and in truth and allows God’s glory to be reflected in the earth. When we look in the mirror at our own reflection God’s glory should be staring us right back in the face, so if you don’t like what you see begin to speak God’s truth over your life and then take another look.

In what areas of your life have you had a hard time keeping it real? I challenge you to find God’s truth about the matter and let it sanctify your mind, body and spirit!

John 17:16-17​ (NIV) They are not of the world, even as I am not of it. Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.